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  1. it’s “the neighbourhood”
  2. there is a “the” in the name of the band (not just “neighbourhood”)
  3. yes their vision is in black and white
  4. the abbreviation of the band’s name is the nbhd, not the ngbh or tnbh or just nbhd
  5. it’s jesse (not jessie) rutherford (pronounced ruh-ther-ford)
  6. surprisingly jesse is not the only member of the band!
  7. zach abels. not abel. not zack. (but wait! there’s more members!)
  8. jeremy freedman aka jerry hotlicks is also a current member of the band, and he is kind of ignored which is dumb (he’s the guitarist and back up vocalist)
  9. mikey margott (not mikey magott) - bassist. really cute and also underappreciated
  10. brandon fried is the new drummer and he’s chill
  11. bryan sammis aka olivver is the former drummer who is currently pursuing a solo career and he’s still rly cool
  12. sweater weather is not their only song and ima be straight up with u here if u think ur hipster or some shit for listening to their music ur just stupid please leave
  13. their music isnt the same as one direction or 5sos or other bands like that and theyre not a boyband pls stop this
  14. stop telling band members to fuck your ass and instead sit your ass the hell down ur like 12 thats gross just stop
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